Why Your Child Should Learn Piano?

  • August 10, 2018
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Why Your Child Should Learn Piano?

Children have a fond of listening music be it of any type. Therefore, in case your child has a knack for learning music, piano lessons can be a great option as an extracurricular activity. Being a teacher for piano theory in Lismore I can say that piano helps a lot in building brain and hand coordination. However, few argue that learning piano at a young age can be a difficult task. However, though it seems to be difficult at the start, the benefits of learning piano are a well worth effort.

Do you know that learning piano can also help in better understanding of math and science? Therefore, if your child has a problem in understanding the science or math, the piano lesson can be very much helpful for them. Here are some more reasons to learn piano.

Increase self-confidence

Leaning anything in the proper way needs hard work, commitment and dedication. However, when the child learns every single note, it highly contributes to boosting the self-confidence. You can check this in any class as the facial reaction of the child changes with the applause or appreciation from the parents or the other audiences.

Remember that accomplishing the hard tasks can help you earn more self-confidence. Such self-confidence in early age can help your child to achieve a greater success in the later life. Even the stone-bedded path can make us learn a lot.

Hard Work & Discipline

When it comes to learning, as we have discussed in the earlier section nothing can be compared with hard work and dedication. It is true that learning the piano is not at all an easy task; therefore, you must understand the hard work and the dedication one needs to learn the piano. In order to learn piano in a proper way, one needs to do practice. In addition, a student needs to be disciplined. A disciplined person has more focus than an indiscipline one.

Learn to perform in front of a mass

Performance anxiety is the biggest anxiety that could have. Therefore, a number of people use to feel nervous when it comes to performing in front of the large audience. It goes the same with children. However, learning the piano and performing it in front of others can really help you overcome the fear of the performance. You can find this performance fear in a number of adult people also. However, such confidence to perform enables your child to perform better in school presentation also.

A perfect way of avoiding the stress

We all know the importance of the music in our daily life. One of the biggest positivity of the music is that it helps to release the stress. We all know that all studies and no play can make your child a dull too. Therefore, a proper piano lesson not only helps to release the stress but also makes the child much active. Who does not love to hear the favourite song? However, when you will be able to play it, just imagine how much enjoyable it could be?


Another common problem, often parents do is about the social mingling of their child. However, learning the piano helps your child to be more social. When your child becomes an advanced learner, he can participate in the following social events:

  • Accompanying a church worshippers
  • Performing for some downtrodden or for some NGO
  • Helping with a family music night

These not only boost the confidence of your child but also make your child able to learn socialising.

Finally, you can see that the numbers of benefits are there for piano lessons. If you also like to learn piano music theory in Lismore, please do contact us. We will be glad to help you.