Do You Know These Jazz Piano Exercises?

Jazz is a well-known form of music and playing jazz music on the piano can be an example of a great artist. However, a teacher teaching piano classes in Lismore mentioned that those who are beginners in jazz music on piano must follow certain exercises that can make them more mature while playing the Piano. […]

Do You Know The Qualities That A Piano Teacher Must Have?

Piano teaching is a serious game and not all piano players can be a good teacher. In order to be a good teacher, one must have certain qualities. According to a teacher for music theory in Lismore without the qualities, it is very difficult to be a successful teacher. In the following section, you will […]

Are You Aware Of These Issues Related With Piano Playing?

One of the best ways to learn music is by playing the Piano. However, a number of people used to complain that playing the piano often hurts the back. Being a piano teacher in Lismore, I can say that several reasons could be there behind such complains. Just before digging the reasons, here are some […]

Quick Tips to Know About Learning Piano

Piano learning is not at all an easy thing to do. It needs many practices to learn piano in the proper way. However, there is no age to start learning piano in case you are following certain methods. One of the teachers of piano lessons in Lismore mentioned that following the methods one could surely […]

Why Your Child Should Learn Piano?

Children have a fond of listening music be it of any type. Therefore, in case your child has a knack for learning music, piano lessons can be a great option as an extracurricular activity. Being a teacher for piano theory in Lismore I can say that piano helps a lot in building brain and hand […]