About Ian Hogan

Ian has over twenty years experience Teaching, Playing, (solo and ensemble) and Composing.

Prior to making Music his main occupation, he worked as an instructor on Communication Courses
and as a Counsellor.

He has always enjoyed teaching and helping others learn new skills.

Exploring and experiencing Great Music, realising aspirations and solving the problems that hinder achievement
is what it’s all about!

Apart from playing the Music of others, Ian has a particular passion for composing his own music,
(Instrumentals and Songs) and for improvising.

Consequently, he is always keen to help others with their creative pursuits.

He teaches students of all ages and skill levels: from 5yrs old to 70; from beginner to advanced.

Classical, Jazz, Blues or popular: Tuition tailored to suit your needs and learning style.

AMEB Syllabus Study and Examination available. Or just play piano for the fun of it!

The Joy of Music-Making through the Art and Skill of playing piano is possible for everyone!

Please contact IAN HOGAN and begin or continue YOUR piano journey! (02) 66213759.

Ian Hogan